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12.3-inch Full LCD Super Vision Cluster

Using Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology, the high-definition cluster features precise graphics and delivers a wide range of information with remarkable clarity. The display priorities, graphic colors and size can be personalized to suit your preferences.

12.3-inch Full LCD Super Vision Cluster

Quoris features innovative SBW (shift-by-wire) technology, which removes any mechanical link between the gear selector and the gearbox. Together with a sensitive joystick control that delivers fast, smooth gear changes, SBW technology helps save space and weight while reducing engine noise in the cabin.

HUD (Head-Up Display)

A variety of information including current speed, navigation directions and lane departure warning are discretely projected onto the windshield glass in the driver’s sight line. Brightness of the display is automatically adjusted to suit changing ambient light levels.

ASCC (Advanced Smart Cruise Control)

A radar sensor at the front of the car monitors the gap between the vehicle ahead. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain a pre-determined ‘safe’ distance and will even bring the vehicle to a complete stop, if necessary. The system will re-start the engine and initiate take-off when car ahead moves on.

Full LED Headlights with AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System)

For optimal visibility when driving at night, AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) works in conjunction with the full LED headlights to deliver a continuously varying beam pattern depending on vehicle speed and steering angle.

Auto Hold Switch

This innovative feature automatically engages the electronic parking brake then releases it upon acceleration. You no longer have to keep your foot on the brake pedal to prevent the vehicle from rolling away accidentally when stopped on an incline or caught in slow traffic.

Haptic Steering Wheel Dial

Drivers can easily navigate menus for a variety of vehicle and route information. A slight vibrating sensation when scrolling over a new selection helps to improve driver concentration and safety.

Options might differ by regions. Please contact close local Kia dealer for more details.